5 Interior Design Trends + Innovations for 2020

Can you believe we’ve stepped into a new decade? Our world seems to be moving at a record fast pace, and with it, so are our homes. If you want your interior design business to remain competitive in 2020, it’s important to keep up with the home design innovations and trends. Here are a few that I’m particularly excited to embrace.

5 Interior Design Trends + Innovations for 2020 ~ Alison Solar K&B Design Coach

Trend #1 – Multifunction and Multipurpose Appliances

As more and more people downsize and move into smaller spaces, we’re seeing multifunction and multipurpose appliances on the rise. This trend is all about maximizing the little space we have – whether it’s creating additional storage, integrating furniture with our smartphones or charging cables or even combining two sorts of appliances into one, like this sink-dishwasher by Fotile. (Did you say tiny house?)

Trend #2 – The Age of Personalization

Gone are the days of boring, cookie-cutter appliances and furniture. In an era where everyone is cultivating their personal style and saving trends and looks through Instagram and Pinterest, the desire to be able to tailor and personalize is stronger than ever. Many appliances and pieces now come with the ability to customize the color, pattern, hardware, and even the functionality. Companies like Blue Star often offer a “Build Your Own” checkout process where you can customize right down to the last details, like the knobs on your stove to the trim on your refrigerator. You can even have the color finish customized to any image or pattern your heart desires. (Leopard anyone?)

Trend #3 – Colored Appliances

While colored appliances have been around for a while, they’ve usually been offered at a premium price point. Often, a client’s budget would limit their color choices. However, we’re now seeing more and more companies offering different colors of appliances at lower price points, making this trend more accessible than ever. As someone who’s getting a little tired of the “all-white kitchen”, I welcome this trend with open arms! (Yay color!)

5 Interior Design Trends + Innovations for 2020 ~ Alison Solar K&B Design Coach

Trend #4 – The Home Office

Approximately 5% of the American population works from home – that’s nearly 8 million people (and that number is on the rise!). With the increasing number of people working remotely, there will be a bigger focus on intelligently furnishing home offices to create ideal working environments. If you own a showroom, you’ll want to make sure you have a home office on display to attract the attention of this growing segment of the population! Let’s bring on the work-from-home revolution (is there anything better than not having to commute?).

5 Interior Design Trends + Innovations for 2020 ~ Alison Solar K&B Design Coach

Trend #5 – Embracing Technology

We can’t talk about 2020 interior trends without talking about technology. As we step into the new decade, our furniture, devices, and homes are going to be more connected than ever. In the era of the smart home, we’ll be seeing devices that talk to one another, lots of voice-activated appliances, intelligent technology like refrigerators that let you know when you’re running low on certain items, and so much more. It’s crucial that as modern consumers technology needs evolve, you’re adding in technology as a key part of your design packages and proposals. (Embrace the future!)

I love seeing where the industry is going and keeping up with new trends and innovations! As someone who is passionate about knowledge-sharing, I regularly share my tips, insights, and observations in my Facebook Group, Kitchen and Bath Design Tips For Interior Design Tips. Stay up to date with all the latest happenings in K&B, make connections and get support by joining us here.

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