Meet Alison 

Your K&B Design Coach

I’m Alison - the founder of the Kitchen & Bath Design Academy and owner of Solara Designs, Inc., a NY based design and build firm launched in 2002. Solara Designs Inc. is grounded in the principles of offering expertise, originality, outstanding customer service, and a professional design experience sprinkled with artistic passion.

At my core, I’m an artist and a problem solver. I was born with a pencil in one hand and a paintbrush in the other. All the world needed to give me was something to draw on. I’ve been described as optimistic, knowledgeable, funny, and honest. A true Capricorn - I’m always pushing to improve - constantly climbing the mountain in front of me. 

My love of design started early. I attended the High School of Art & Design in NYC. I followed that by earning a degree in Interior Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. 

I began my interior design career in New York in 1992. During my career, I worked hard to build and cultivate valuable relationships with expert trade professionals. In just ten years, I built the foundation and skills that enabled me to establish my own company.

Over the years it became obvious to me that there was a training and education gap in the kitchen and bath design world, and to fill this gap I launched the Kitchen & Bath Design Academy. My goal is to share the lessons I learned in design and business to advance the skills necessary for other Interior Designers to be proficient in kitchen and bath design.

As a kitchen and bath design coach, I’m focused on educating and mentoring designers who are eager to learn and expand their knowledge in kitchen and bath design, as well as business development. I’m excited to teach you what I know and help you climb higher and higher on the mountain in front of you - because we each have our own mountain to climb.

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