Connected Appliances Here We Come!

The Connected Kitchen Appliances Today

Here’s a look at just a few products for today’s kitchen that I’m excited to share with you.

I’m only hitting on these few to keep it simple.

Otherwise, when it comes to things connected this could be a book.

Check these beauties out.

I’m part of the Baby Boomer generation so all this tech stuff can be a bit over my head at times.

I was hesitant at first, big brother watching us, giving too much control to a machine, etc.

However, after all my reading and some testing, I think it’s fair to say that I am coming around to the idea of connected homes and how they will make it easier to manage our busy lifestyles.

Connected Appliances Here We Come! ~ Alison Solar K&B Design Coach

SAMSUNG, one of the relatively newcomers to the appliance industry, has designed a stunner.

This refrigerator features the Family Hub™  which helps you manage your home and your life  – all controlled from the 21.5” connected touchscreen on the front door.

Check this out, you can control smart devices and appliances, set lights, adjust the thermostat, leave notes, sync calendars, display family photos, listen to music, watch TV and look in the baby’s room all from one spot!!

Can you imagine?

  • Use your voice to add items to your shopping lists.
  • See inside from anywhere with 3 built-in cameras.
  • Automatically assign expiration notifications and nutritional information to make sure everything is healthy & fresh.
  • Plan a meal based on what foods are available inside your refrigerator.
  • Save money with weekly deals & load coupons directly to your loyalty card.
  • Use Grubhub to order your favorite food in a single click.  Need I say more?

Connected Appliances Here We Come! ~ Alison Solar K&B Design Coach

GE APPLIANCES, this new washing machine from GE,  a trusted American manufacturer, is a winner for design and functional innovations,

I love it!  Get a load of this (ha, ha, good one)

  • It holds a 75 oz bottle of detergent and dispenses it accordingly. This saves time, no more messes or spills, no more dispensing cup, no more storing the big bottle of detergent…the list just goes on and on.
  • As if that wasn’t enough you can also control and
  • monitor your laundry from anywhere with Amazon Alexa!  I’m just saying.

Connected Appliances Here We Come! ~ Alison Solar K&B Design Coach

DACOR, a luxury American appliance company and one that I have recommended in the past, is a brand with sleek design and cutting-edge features.  The lines are crisp, clean and sophisticated with a stunning combination of power, control and style. I especially love their Induction cook-top which is sleek, precise, cool to the touch and also features a WiFi-Enabled 7” LCD  touchscreen  control panel and internet connection capabilities.  Want to get a recipe? Just type it in and viola, a bunch of recipes pop up.  Just like that!

I know! I know! Simply crazy stuff out there now.

The connected world is now the norm, so don’t get left behind.

Want to know more details and need some education? Then get on my calendar to schedule your SPECIAL PRICING Introductory Coaching Session.

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