The Revolution of Induction Cooking

I’m sure you’ve been hearing about INDUCTION cooking surfaces, lately. So, I’m here to let you know what the rage is all about.

The Revolution of Induction Cooking

If you haven’t heard yet, let me be the first to tell you – electric is out, induction is in! According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s 2018 Design Trends study, induction cooktops are the fastest-growing kitchen trend in the US.

What is induction cooking and how does it work?

You may be asking yourself, what is induction cooking, anyway? Induction cooktops use electromagnetic energy to heat pots and pans directly. This is different from gas and electric cooktops as they both heat pots indirectly. Induction produces a magnetic field that changes into induction current and only transfers that current when in direct contact with a pot or pan containing steel or iron.

While induction cooking has been popular in Europe for years, it has been slow to grow in the US and is just beginning to catch on. One issue that may have been holding up the American market is cookware concerns. Because induction relies on electromagnetism from pots with steel and iron to transfer heat. If you’re switching to induction, it may be time to upgrade your pots and pans. Tip: You can use a magnet when shopping for pots!

The Peek in Both Function and Design

Why is induction all the rage? Because it is both gentle and powerful. It reacts quickly and can boil water 50% faster than gas and electric. And, induction cooking can maintain exact temperatures for perfect melting and simmering.

More importantly, induction is efficient. A quicker cook time means less time with the stove turned on and less energy expended. Induction is also safer/less dangerous. You’ll have no worries about gas byproducts or gas combustion. No longer will you need to worry about open flame or burns. Induction cooktops cool to the touch just a minute or so after the pot is removed.

Possibly the best bonus of all, induction cooktops offer easy cleanup. Food spills won’t bake on or burn to the cooktop. You can even put a paper towel under the pot to absorb any spills quickly.

My Top Picks for Induction Cooking:

GE Café™ 30″ Smart Slide-In, Front-Control, Induction and Convection Range with Warming Drawer

This model has WiFi integration you can control with your smartphone or voice. It’s available in three base colors with four hardware options and it’s in the mid-level price.

Frigidaire Gallery 30″

The Revolution of Induction Cooking ~ Alison Solar K&B Design Coach

Frigidaire is offering the benefits of induction cooking at a price that is accessible for most homes. It’s available in stainless steel or black stainless steel.

Samsung Slide-In Induction Range with Virtual Flame™ Technology0” 

The Revolution of Induction Cooking ~ Alison Solar K&B Design Coach

Samsung’s induction cooktop is on the scene with all of the technology you’d expect. This model has glass touch controls and high energy efficiency.

Dacor Heritage 30″ Induction Pro Range

The Revolution of Induction Cooking ~ Alison Solar K&B Design Coach

Decor’s induction range is the future in cooking and design. It features a tiltvue control panel as well as endless color options. The DecorMatch color system allows you to create design continuity. The possibilities are limitless. Choose from standard colors or submit your own.

Wolf 30″ Professional Induction Range

The Revolution of Induction Cooking ~ Alison Solar K&B Design Coach

The Revolution of Induction Cooking ~ Alison Solar K&B Design Coach

The Wolf Pro induction range has features you won’t see in other models. My favorite is the ability to transform two burners into one large burner with the bridge feature.

Thermador 36-Inch Masterpiece® Freedom® Induction Cooktop, Frameless

The Revolution of Induction Cooking ~ Alison Solar K&B Design Coach

This higher-end model has the largest fully usable cooktop on the market. It’s 56 inductor elements means you can place a pot anywhere on the surface and this cooktop will sense the pot and only heat that spot.

Interior designers, are you interested in learning more about how to specify and design induction cooktop into your next kitchen design projects? I’d love to chat. Schedule your one-on-one coaching session with me now to grab a limited-time discounted rate for first-time clients. Interested in more than a one-time session? Be sure to check out my Kitchen and Bath Design Academy (coming soon) where you can train at your own pace while also receiving one-on-one coaching. 

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