The Top 4 Things That Make for a Great Kitchen Transformation

I love a great kitchen transformation. If I’m scrolling the internet, I will always stop on before/after pictures. And I’m always following my friends, family, and fellow designers as they update on a big renovation. There’s something so satisfying about comparing the before to the after. And seeing the final reveal? It’s just so exciting, don’t you agree?

What can I say, a truly breathtaking kitchen transformation makes my designer heart sing. 

But, what makes a kitchen transformation really, really good? What makes it stand out? What makes it special?

Here are the Top 4 Things That Will Make Your Kitchen Remodel Truly Breathtaking

A Major Change in Layout

The biggest and best way to make a truly show-stopping kitchen transformation is to change up the layout. Get creative here. Really look at the space and how you can change and improve it. Listen to your clients and let the vision guide you. If it’s in the budget, and it improves function and design – go on and move/change it!

I do want to caution you not to change the layout just for the sake of change – be sure the new layout is an improvement and enhances the user experience. And of course, make sure the new layout meets all kitchen design guidelines

New Cabinets

Whether or not you can adjust the layout, new cabinets will make for a BIG transformation. I’m seeing a shift in new color trends lately when it comes to cabinets. Think woods with glazes, more texture, and cabinets in soft, earthy, warm tones. Throw in some gold and brass hinges and pulls, too!

If you can’t completely swap out the cabinets, consider swapping out the doors, hinges, and pulls for an updated look. Go for a different style, maybe something other than a white shaker?

If you need more information on cabinet construction and identifying a quality products, check out this previous blog post

High-End Appliances

Now, I know, every client has a budget and high-end appliances won’t fit into every budget. But, for a truly showstopping transformation, I recommend shooting for the top-of-the-line products- within budget- for the warranty and longevity of the investment.

As a designer, I am a BIG fan of the Wolf ranges and WILL definitely have one in my next kitchen I design in my new home when I move. However, my current kitchen update utilized the  Frigidaire Gallery line microwave hood and matching induction range which are a great value for my purposes. I am super impressed with the advanced microwave technology and the induction range is blowing everyone’s mind!!  The grandkids were all in awe watching the water come to a boil so quickly.

Add Something Special

Think of something interesting and unique that you wouldn’t find in just any kitchen. I’m thinking something like a waterfall kitchen island countertop, statement light fixtures, or a custom mosaic backsplash. 

One of my craziest transformations was for a very unique client in Douglaston back in 2013. I designed a completely custom mosaic backsplash and had it fabricated by Artsaics in Deer Park. Check out the image below to see the final result! 

Every client is different. Every project is different. Thinking outside the box is often necessary. A designer can design anything if they want to put in the time and energy and have a passion.

Final Thoughts On Kitchen Transformations

No matter the budget, you can deliver a truly sensational kitchen transformation for your client. I always advise designers to listen to their clients. Remember to be all ears and write down even the smallest details. Don’t be hesitant to ask lots of clarifying questions if you don’t understand something, the more Q&A the better.⁠

And finally, (and potentially MOST important) triple-check your measurements!!⁠

If you’ve had an incredible kitchen transformation, I’d love to see the before and after pictures.

Right now, I’m running a remodel contest. Head over to my Facebook Group for the full contest details and to get entered to win!

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